Carhartt Men’s Anvil Belt

By on August 6, 2014

Carhartt Men's Anvil BeltI recently purchased some plaid shirts and I needed a belt that looked very masculine to go with my attire.  I love to wear rustic clothing and enjoy head out to our cabin in the woods for a long weekend.  Who doesn’t want to dress for the occasion right?  So I stumbled across the Carhartt men’s anvil belt and the name said it all.  Durable, strong, heavy duty, and just like many of the other Carhartt products.  If you already have a belt I recommend you take a look at some of our Tartan plaid ties.

After receiving my belt in the mail I noticed that it is a nice thick, durable belt.  The buckle is more of a gunmetal finish which is nice.  The belt is 1.5 inches wide to offer a decent amount of support to your britches.  Hopefully, this belt lasts many years and can take a beating, it sure looks that way.  Let’s take a deeper look at the Carhart men’s anvil belt.

Features of the Carhartt Men’s Anvil Belt

Carhartt Men's Anvil BeltThere usually aren’t a lot of features when it comes to belts.  It won’t make you lunch and it has only a few purposes.  The Carhartt belt comes in two colors, black and brown which are pretty standard.  One thing I did notice is that if you are a 34” waist I would recommend that you pick up a 36” belt.  The belt is constructed out of full-grain, burnished bridle leather.  Here are some additional features:

  • Gun-metal finish buckle
  • Carhartt logo heat stamped on leather keeper and belt tip
  • 1.5 inches thick
  • Made from full-grain, burnished bridle leather
  • Classic design

If you like the style of the belt then this is worth picking up.  This belt is more for casual clothing and wouldn’t recommend wearing it with business attire.  For what I purchased the belt for, I love it.  This is a thicker belt so make sure you have pants that have big enough loops to be functional.

Conclusion of the Carhartt Men’s Anvil Belt

You really can’t go wrong with this belt, it is created with quality craftsmanship made here in the U.S.A.  You won’t have to worry about the men’s anvil belt falling apart anytime soon and it is very stylish and manly to wear.  We recommend getting a discount on the belt by clicking the link below.


Youtube video Carhartt made in the U.S.A:

Carhartt Men's Anvil Belt
  • Carhartt Men's Belt - 9.0/10


Looking for that manly belt to add to your collection? We have the belt for you, the Carhartt Men's Anvil Belt. This belt is durable and made full-grain, burnished bridle leather. If you want a belt that won't let you down, this is it.

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