SHARKK® Set Of 24 Metal Stainless Steel Collar Stays 4 Size Options For Dress Shirts

By on September 19, 2014

SHARKK® Set Of 24 Metal Stainless Steel Collar Stays 4 Size Options For Dress ShirtsEvery man that wears a dress shirt on a regular basis knows the collar of the shirt can curl or get out of place easily with those flimsy plastic collar stays that are provided with the shit.  Fortunately there are options on the market like the SHARKK stainless steel collar stays to hold things in place.  Now if you already have a pair of metal collar stays then I recommend the perfect belt to go with your collection, the Perry Ellis men’s square hale belt.

Now there are two types of metal collar stays that you will find predominately on the market today, magnetic and non-magnetic.  I chose the non-magnetic collar stays because I wanted a more natural look and the best part about the stainless steel collar stays is that they have extra weight to them to hold your shirt collar in place.  Being made from metal, the collar stays won’t bend or get brittle over time.  For the price you can get the SHARKK collar stays for, it makes this purchase an easy one.

Features of the SHARKK Metal Stainless Steel Collar Stays

SHARKK® Set Of 24 Metal Stainless Steel Collar Stays 4 Size Options For Dress ShirtsIn the box the SHARKK collar stays came in I received four different sizes.  This is fantastic because there are many different types of collars on the market and this encompasses most of them.  The four sizes you will get with the set are 2.25”, 2.50”, 2.75”, and 3.0”.  The metal collar stays are 430 Grade Nickel plated stainless steel.  Something that I forgot to do while washing my shirts was take-out the metal collar stays.  The good news is, these won’t rust and didn’t bend or get damaged in the washer.

SHARKK does stand by their products and offers fantastic support.  For under 7 bucks, you can’t beat this set of collar stays that will last for years to come.  Here are some of the features you can expect from this product:

  • SHARKK® Set Of 24 Metal Stainless Steel Collar Stays 4 Size Options For Dress ShirtsSet includes 24 stays with 4 different size options to fit all your shirts.
  • Collar stays will keep your collar looking pristine and crisp all day.
  • 430 Grade Nickel plated stainless steel.
  • Smooth and fine finish along the edges. Although not recommended, these can go through the washing machine without getting rusty.
  • Does not work with Magnets

There’s not much to a good collar stay and SHARKK has found a solution to revive your dress shirts.  It is worth picking up a set of these to keep your shirts looking sharp.

Final Thoughts on the SHARKK Collar Stays for Dress Shirts

I am impressed with these collar stays and would recommend them to any man that has to wear dress shirts during the week.  Even if you only wear a dress shirt on that special occasion, you still want to look sharp and replacing the plastic stays in your shirt is a must!


Youtube Video on Plastic VS. Metal Collar Stays:

SHARKK® Set Of 24 Metal Stainless Steel Collar Stays
  • Stainless Steel Collar Stays - 8.9/10


SHARKK has make collar stays that actually work. Coming in 4 different sizes in a 24 pack, these can't be beat. For 7 dollars, you will make that dress shirt stand out again.

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