Diesel Men’s Zatiny Regular Bootcut Jean

By on November 12, 2014

Diesel Men's Zatiny Regular Bootcut Jean 0073NIt is always important to own a nice fitting pair of jeans that are comfortable and stylish.  Looking for a new pair of jeans, I stumbled across the Diesel men’s Zatiny jeans.  These jeans are more expensive than your average pair, but will last longer and there is more attention to detail.  If you are on a budget then I would recommend looking at the Levi’s Men’s 514 straight jean for a nice fit and low price.

Ordering this pair off of the internet saved me some money and I received the same quality product that I would expect to find in their local stores.  The cut of the jeans is a regular boot cut, and some have mentioned that it fits more like a straight cut.  After trying on these jeans, I would say that you get a more traditional vintage boot cut.  I am enjoying the fit of these jeans and want to review the features with you below.

Features of the Men’s Zatiny Regular Bootcut Jeans

Diesel Men's Zatiny Regular Bootcut Jean As many that are probably reading this right now, there is probably something going on in your head that says… “why would I spend this much on a single pair of jeans?”  Well, a lot of thought went into the jeans you are looking at like the back pockets.  The back pockets were strategically designed and positioned to create a curved effect for a sleeker look.  If you have a partner or are looking for one, this won’t go unnoticed!  The fit is much better than your average jeans and they will last years to come if well kept.

The waist fits a little big so if you are between a certain size, get the smaller of the two.  What you can expect from Diesel’s Zatiny style is that you will get that vintage look and the leg of the jean gets narrower as it reaches the bottom.  These jeans include a five pocket styling and signature label.  Here are the features of Diesel Men's Designer Jeansthe Diesel men’s jeans:

  • 100% Cotton
  • Belt closure
  • Machine Wash
  • Button closure
  • Five-pocket styling
  • Signature label detail
  • Diesel’s Zatiny Slim jean offers a modern, slim fit and flares slightly below the knee to create a micro boot cut leg opening.

These jeans are comfortable to wear and fit like they should.  I will be getting a few more pairs throughout the year to wear outside of work.  If you are still on the fence about picking up a pair of designer jeans, go to the department store and try on a pair to feel the difference.  It will help make the decision much easier.

Final Thoughts on the Diesel Men’s Zatiny Jeans

I believe that you get what you pay for and Diesel has yet to prove me wrong.  I am very happy with their products and can recommend them to others.  If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  If you have never owned a pair of designer jeans, I recommend splurging and pick a pair up.


Youtube Video on the Diesel 2014 collection:

Diesel Men's Zatiny Regular Bootcut Jean 0073N
  • Diesel Men's Jeans - 9.1/10


You get what you pay for with this designer pair of jeans. Diesel has created another great pair of jeans with their Zatiny regular bootcut. Not only do these fit well, others will notice while you are wearing them. A great investment in your fashion wardrobe!

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