Top 10 Facts to Consider when Picking Out Men’s Pants

By on January 6, 2017

How to pick out men's dress pantsWe all know that every man has favorite pants that he cannot go a week without putting on. Right? This is because they have outstanding features from the rest. Men are attracted to wearing pants that are fitting, meaning they are not baggy or skinny. Such pants can cost you some time to find. I am sure you must be considering one or two pants that you don’t put on, mainly because you just don’t like the look they give you. Let us look at the 10 best facts to consider when picking out men’s pants.

Top 10 Things to Look For When Buying Pants

10. Color and Pattern Choice

The color is another important aspect to consider, not only in selecting a trouser but in any other wear. You will have a much more decent look when you put on pants that match your outfit. For example, it is funny to wear green pants with a red shoe and a red shirt, but a black one will definitely make a good look.

9. Shape of the Trouser

You must be wondering what this is, what I mean is that you should consider selecting pants that will suit your body shape.  We all know different people have different body shapes so it important that you consider selecting the appropriate shape in order to get that perfect look. For this matter, it is advisable that you wear the trouser and observe the outfit.

8. Leg opening

Some people prefer it being even from the knee others slightly diverging and others converging. It now depends on your taste.

7. Inseam

This the measure of the inner seam from the crotch to the bottom of the leg. It should not be unnecessarily long or too short to tighten your crotch.

6. Hips

This is something that most men will usually ignore. Men’s pants with larger hips will always look ridiculous once they are put on. They bring out a parachute look and that is what we are avoiding.

5. Front rise

This is the measure from the front waistband to the crotch. For men, it is usually longer and thus it can host a longer zip. Don’t buy pants with a long front size until it curves or the one with a short front size until it tightens your crotch. Make sure it is fitting and you are comfortable with it.

4. Back rise

It is much similar to the front rise, the difference being it is at the back. Twist your hip and bend a little bit to make sure you are comfortable with it.

3. Leg length

It is also known as the Outseam and it is the distance from the upper edge of the waistband to the bottom of the leg.  In the past days, like in 1940’s this was not an issue, pants were very long and baggy such that they needed to be worn high above the stomach probably with the help of braces. When making your selection, make sure the length of the pants is perfect. By perfect I mean the trouser should cover your ankle and slightly drape your shoe.
On the other hand, the length should not deny you that perfect look of a designer trouser, you can as well take it to a tailor and request for leg length adjustment.

2. Waist size

Waist size is an essential fact to put into consideration when making your selection. You know that nasty look when someone wears a belt on top of pants with a relatively longer waist length. So, when picking your pants, make sure it fits around your waist properly that you don’t have to necessarily put on a belt.

1. Design

The design of a trouser will kill it all. When it comes to this area, be choosy some of the designs are outdated for instance the bell bottom. Leave alone such designs! Go for the ones that are cute and straight to your purpose and up to date. Design mostly concentrates on the pockets, back, and front. I insist, straight to your purpose, don’t buy pants that are well designed for leisure and fun simply because they fit you perfectly, yet you want to wear them during an official interview.

Last Thoughts On Picking Out Pants

After highlighting and discussing the facts to consider when picking out men’s dress pants, you are now fit to make a wise decision when you visit any store. Putting on a trouser which gives you that perfect awesome look makes you feel confident and stand out among your colleagues. I hope these ideas saved you from returning pants to that shelf in the closet several times until you find the most appropriately one.

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