DIY – How to Shine and Care for Your Shoes At Home

By on August 27, 2014

DIY - How to Shine and Care for Your Shoes At HomeLooking sharp is important and over time, your shoes will start to look tired.  Like many other men, I bang into things around the office and half the time I don’t even know where the scuffs came from.  There are a couple of options out there for you, you can find someone to shine your shoes on a regular basis (which can become costly) or I can show you how to do it yourself.  If you already know how to shine your shoes like a pro, then we recommend that you look at our men’s grooming guide to keep your man hair under control.

At first, I thought that shining my own shoes would be a chore to do and I would give up on it fairly quickly.  That wasn’t the case, though.  Believe it or not, I found a sense of joy from cleaning up my shoes and I am still doing it today.  There are many different guides on the market and I will share with you what works for me.

Tools You Will Need to Care for Your Shoes

DIY - How to Shine and Care for Your Shoes At HomeYou will need to pick up some supplies to get that ultimate shine and some of the items you will have to lay around the house.  The first item you will need is a boot or shoe brush.  Now we don’t recommend getting just any brush because you could scratch your shoes and make them worse in the long run.  We prefer a large professional shoe shine brush that is made from genuine horse hair and is ergonomically formed for your hand so you can really get to work.  Kiwi has a deluxe shine kit for a cheap price and you will find mostly everything you need to get started.Footfitter Shoe Shine Valet  Second on the list, you might have to lie around the house.  If you have a tube sock that you have no desire wearing then we recommend adding it to your shoe care arsenal (great for adding the polish to the shoe).  If you got rid of your tube socks over a decade ago, we recommend getting a soft rag and then a polish cloth by Moneysworth which is lint free that will give you a high gloss finish.  Next, you will need to pick up your shoe polish.  I usually use Kiwi or Meltonian shoe polish/cream and select the proper color for the shoe I want to shine.

Now, this is an optional supply but is worth having in my eyes.  Getting a shoe shine box not only makes it easier to shine your shoes but also has a compartment to store all of your shoe shining materials.  I like things nice and organized and this will look sharp around the house as well coming in many different kinds of wood and finishes.  We have covered all of the supplies that you will need, now it is time to get busy.

Steps to Restore Your Shoe to New

How To Polish Your ShoesWell, here it is, the moment that you have been waiting for.  It is time to make your shoes look like new again.  Here we go.

Step Number One:  The first step is to take your brush and clean all of the dirt, salt, build up, junk and everything else off of your boots or shoes.  Now, if you haven’t picked up a brush yet then it is ok to use a soft damp rag to clean your shoes.  Make sure the shoes are dry before you move onto the next step.

Step Number Two:  Take either your tube sock or soft rag and apply some shoe polish or cream to it.  Now remember, a little bit goes a long way and you will need less than you think to get that ultimate look.  When applying the polish to the shoe, make sure you are applying the polish in a circular motion.  Coverage is key here and you need to cover the entire area of both shoes before we move on to the next step.

Step Number Three:  After you are done applying polish to the shoe, you will need to take your brush and vigorously brush all of the excess polish off of the shoe making sure there is just a little left.  The more vigorous you are when brushing your shoes the more friction and heat this will create giving your shoe that shine.

Step Number Four:  Time to make your shoes look like new.  As you are brushing your shoes, blow hot air on them like you are trying to fog up a mirror.  Remember heat gives your shoe that ultimate shine.  Once you are done with the brush, it is time to use your shoe shine box or anything around the house where you can wrap your shoe polishing cloth around your shoe for a buff.

DIY - How to Shine and Care for Your Shoes At Home

Final Thoughts on How to Shine and Care for Your Shoes

Once you shine your shoes a couple times it will be as easy as tying your laces.  Other people will notice your shoes and will pick up on the type of person you are and your habits.  If you have sharp looking shoes, what does that say about you?  If we have missed any tips please shout out in the comment section below and special thanks to the art of manliness for the Youtube video.


Youtube Video on how to shine your shoes:

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