The Men’s Best Electric Shavers and Razors Guide

By on August 31, 2014

The Men’s Best Electric Shavers and Razors GuideIt seems like the men’s market has more and more electric shavers every day.  Picking a shaver can be a daunting task, so we have created a guide to assist you in selecting an electric shaver to make your life easier for living on the go.  If you haven’t read our men’s personal grooming guide, we recommend you do so after reading this article which should help you with the grooming for the rest of your body.  This article was designed to give you the basic principles of shaving with an electric razor and the differences between them.

Different Types of Electric Razors on the Market

The Men’s Best Electric Shavers and Razors GuideEssentially you will see two types of men’s electric shavers/razors on the market.  The first being a foil electric shaver, what you will find on the head of the shaver is two to four foils.  There are small holes in the foils which allow your facial hair to enter to be trimmed.  The blades themselves are usually at around a 30-degree angle and move back and forth at very fast speed.  In some of the higher end foil shavers, you have the ability to shave dry or wet even with shaving gel.  The Panasonic Arc 4 ES-LF51-A is one of my personal favorites and cleanup is very easy with the sonic vibration system.  Another key thing to look for when purchasing an electric shaver is an adjustable head.  This will allow you to get the harder to reach angles of your face.  If you have sensitive skin foil would be a better choice for you because you aren’t making circular motions.  Now let’s look at the second option.

The other type of electric shaver/razor is the rotary design.  Usually, the electric shaver will have three to four heads to it and will have a guard over the blades.  Just like the foil, there are small holes and grooves over the heads of the shaver which allows your hair to enter.  Instead of the foil shaver’s blade moving back and forth, the rotary blades will move in a circular motion trimming your different length facial hair to perfection.

There have been many advancements as of late in the rotary shaver arena including a more adjustable head.  A great rotary shaver which I even use personally is the Philips Norelco 1250X/46 SensoTouch 3D.  Included with the SensoTouch is a Gyroflex 3D contour head which allows you to really get the shave you desire in any location of your body.  Another fantastic feature is that it flips open in the middle of the three rotary heads for easy clean up.  Some men have their preferences and think that one type of electric shaver is better than the other.  I have used both and know that a great shave can be achieved by both types.

Youtube video on the difference between rotary and foil shavers:

The Benefits of Using an Electric Shaver

Low Maintenance:  Most of the electric shavers on the market offer easy to clean solutions for you.  I personally want to spend less time in the bathroom and more time out in the world living.  With a good shaver, you can go weeks without charging a cordless shaver and many include lithium-ion batteries which won’t need to be replaced for years.  Another benefit is that most Panasonic ES-LF51-A Arc4 Men's Electric Shaver Wet/Dry with Flexible Pivoting Headmanufacturers recommend that you have to replace the blades only once a year.  This is huge and saves the environment from all the disposable shavers on the market. The only problem with this is I forget which blades my electric shaver takes when I go out to the store.

You are on the go:  If you are usually late to that meeting or appointment, then electric shavers are for you!  All you have to do is turn off your shaver and start trimming down that facial hair.  A good tip to mention is to buy a quality electric shaver so you don’t experience any tugging or pulling while you are shaving.  It is painful and I guarantee you will say words your mother would not approve of.

Getting a quality shave:  I still use my safety razor at home and love the art of shaving.  If I am on the run though, I want to experience a great shave on a regular basis.  This is why it is good to pick up a quality electric shaver.  If you take care of your shaver, it will take care of you lasting for many years.

Reviews on the Best Electric Shavers on the Market

I have selected some of my favorite razors on the market from every price range which will ensure that you get a good result.  An electric shaver is an important tool to have in your arsenal and getting a close shave is what we are looking for.  Here is my top pics:

Panasonic ES-LA93-K Arc4 Men’s Electric Shaver

Panasonic ES-LA93-K Arc4 Men's Electric Shaver Wet/Dry with Multi-Flex Pivoting Head and Automatic Cleaning SystemThis is one of our favorite foil electric shavers on the market for many reasons.  Included is the 4 blade ultra thin foil cutting system with “nano blades”.  You will always have a great experience with this shaver and the 14,000 CPM motor driver system is one of the fastest on the market.  The Panasonic Arc4 is one of the easiest to clean on the market and will make your shaves fast and easy.  Here are the features:

  • 4-Blade Ultra-Thin Foil Cutting System with 30 Degree “Nano Blades” for a clean shaving experience
  • 14,000 CPM Linear Motor Drive with a Flexible Pivoting Head with Stainless Steel Foil and Blade, Built-in slide up Trimmer
  • 5-Stage LED readout, Lock Button, Sonic Vibration Cleaning Mode for quick clean-up
  • Use Wet with Shaving Gel or Dry, 100% Waterproof, Includes Travel pouch and AC Adapter
  • It is recommended that you replace the outer foil and inner blade at least every year to maintain the cutting edge on your razor

Included with the kit is a nice travel pouch and AC adapter to make things easy for you when you are the road.  You can’t go wrong with the Arc4 and will find it at a good discount following the link below.


Philips Norelco 1280X/47 SensoTouch 3D Electric Razor

Philips Norelco 1250X/46 SensoTouch 3D Electric RazorI use this rotary on a regular basis and have yet to be let down.  I am a firm believer that you get what you pay for.  The SensoTouch 3D gives you great value and features for what you pay for and is a great tool to have in the bathroom.  What you can expect from this rotary shaver is a charging and cleaning station, a travel bag, and a damn good shave.  With the Gyroflex 3D contouring head you not only get an adjusting head, but also each rotary blade moves as well to get the ultimate shave.

Just like the Panasonic Arc4, you can shave wet or dry.  The shaver is ergonomically designed so that when the shaver is in your hand it feels like it is an extension of your arm.  Here are some of the features you can expect:

  • To help simplify your shopping experience, we recently updated this product’s packaging and name: The SensoTouch 3D 1280X/42 is now called Series 8000, Shaver 8900. During the transition, you may receive the product in either old or new packaging.
  • Gyroflex 3D contour-following system has three dynamic parts that independently flex outward, pivot around, and tilt inward to follow the natural contours of your face.
  • UltraTrack heads cover 50% more skin surface with  three shaving tracks that catch every hair.
  • Aquatec technology allows you to shave wet with gel or foam for extra skin protection or dry for convenience.
  • JetClean System thoroughly washes, lubricates, dries and charges to renew the shaver for a superior shave day after day.

The SkinGlide technology used in this electric shaver makes every experience a pleasurable one.  I love this electric shaver and even better I love the discount on this product.  Click the link below for reviews and additional information.


Braun Series 7-760cc Pulsonic Shaver

Braun-Series-7--790cc-Pulsonic-Shaver-System,-SilverBraun has been crafting great electric shavers for years and this is the pinnacle of their development.  If you for some reason don’t like the Arc4 or love Braun a little bit more, then we recommend the Series 7 razor.  This shaver packs a punch with the new Pulsonic technology uses 10,000 micro vibrations per minute to trim down that stubble.  That is amazing in itself.  You can expect a great shave every time with the OptiFoil and ActiveLift patented Braun technology.  The unique design captures more hair on your face and cuts deeper than its predecessors.

The best part about this is that the Braun Series 7 is completely waterproof so you can multitask in the shower.  The Series 7 has a sleek design which feels like it belongs in your hand.  You will want to show off this accessory in your bathroom.  Here is the feature list:

  • 3 personalization modes for a more individual shave.
  • Fully flexible shaving system for maximum facial adaptability.
  • Activelift captures flat-lying hair in problem areas for a smooth and precise shave.
  • Optifoil – for the closest Braun shave ever.
  • Clean & renew – at the touch of a button automatically cleans, charges and lubricates to keep the shaver feeling like new every day.

The Braun Clean and Renew system are one of my favorite.  All you have to do is place the shaver in the system and it will automatically clean, lubricate, charge and dry you system.  This is the one of the easiest to use systems on the market.  If you are looking for a deal, click the link below for further details.


Philips Norelco PT730 Powertouch Electric Razor

Philips Norelco PT730 Powertouch Electric RazorLast but not least, this electric shaver is one of the best on the market if you are on a budget.  The Norelco PT730 Powertouch is a solid rotary shaver that will give you a close shave every time.  If you are on the fence about rotary shavers then this would be the perfect starting point for you.

Now we know that this electric razor doesn’t have all the frills that the above shavers have but there are some highlights that we would like to mention.  First, this shaver includes a dual precision shaving system that effectively shaves long hairs and short stubble.  The flexing heads will automatically adjust to your face and neck giving you a comfortable shave.  Here is what you can expect:

  • Dual precision shaving system effectively shaves long hairs and short stubble.
  • Flexing heads automatically adjust to every contour of your face and neck for a close, comfortable shave
  • Fully washable simply rinse clean
  • Replace with HQ8 replacement heads every 12 months to keep a close shave

Another great feature with the PT730 is the pop-up trimmer which will allow you to perform detailed trimming on your sideburns or beard.  For under 50 bucks we are pleasantly surprised on what the Powertouch has to offer.  If you are looking for a discount please follow the link below for additional details.


Final thoughts on the Best Electric Shavers for Men

I have reviewed with you some of the best personal electric shavers on the market from my personal standpoint.  If you have one of these electric shavers or another one that serves you well, please leave a comment below.  I always love to hear feedback from other men on what works and what doesn’t.

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