Are Crop Tops Coming Back? Some Are Hoping

By on August 20, 2014

Are Crop Tops Coming Back? Some Are HopingSo just when you thought it was time to focus on the upcoming fall season with all the long sleeve shits and light jackets, well some would like to debate that.  Earlier this year Kid Cudi was wearing a crop top that looked ohh so good to some of the men and youngsters out there on the internet and has created a trend.  If you are curious for yourself we suggest you look at hashtag #boysincroptops or any of the other venues on the internet.  We can’t pick on men wearing crop tops too much because on a hot summer day you might find relief from that breeze entering your navel.  Here is what The Telegraph had to say about the movement:

“Your first reaction (after involuntarily sucking your gut in at the very thought) might be “why?” and to be honest it’s a pretty sensible reaction. What on earth is compelling men to suddenly bare a bit of belly?

On the avarage man, the stomach has to be one of the least visually appealing body parts (see also the hairy shoulder and the calloused foot), so an item of clothing designed to show off just how many pints you sank on Friday night seems to go against man’s natural interest to deceive others by lying through his teeth (and T-shirt).

The crop-top movement has been building momentum on Instagram, with a typically despair-inducing hashtag #boysincroptops to boot. Search that hashtag and you’ll be met with a sea of toned men who look like they’ve been shoplifting from BabyGap.”

Are Crop Tops Coming Back? Some Are Hoping

Now the Telegraph may be hitting our youth a little hard because everyone goes through an adventurous stage and some men like to show a little skin.  Once this movement is over it will be something else, but in the mean time if you have those old t-shirts laying around you can definitely find a new use for them and take some selfies.  The best part is if you have great abs this is perfect for showing them off and who gives a crap.

“What’s weird about the crop top movement – it’s a movement now, OK? – is the dichotomy between two crowds who are getting behind it; there’s the artsy fashion crowd (designers J.W Anderson, Astrid Andersen and Versus/Versace sent men in cut-off tops down the catwalk last year), bending the rules to prove some kind of point, and there’s the obnoxious, gym-obsessed young men using it purely to demonstrate how ripped their stomachs are.

So is it purely a vanity thing? Not entirely. Search #boysincroptops on Instagram or Tumblr and you’ll see that it isn’t burly steroid-pumped spornosexuals squeezing into tiny tops; most the guys are lean, slim and boyish.

Whatever it means, most men should be very wary indeed about trying to jump on this particular bandwagon. Sartorial trends are always a gamble; when it comes to our clothing, caution is usually a decent option.”

Everyone knows that trends come and go and here is Male Emporium we are wondering what will be next.  Who knows, but if you have any guesses, please comment below and predict the future.  If you don’t want to make your own we have found some fashionable crop tops from the link below.


Youtube Video on how to make a crop top:


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