Confused About Men’s Fashion? Get a Subscription

By on September 1, 2014

Confused About Men’s Fashion? Get a SubscriptionReading the title you must be wondering what the hell we are talking about.  Let’s face it, either you are confused about men’s fashion or you just straight up hate shopping.  We are right there with you and there is something every man on a budget can afford and a stylist is included at no additional cost to you with some subscriptions.  You might be thinking that this might be too good to be true, but companies on the web have created subscriptions for us.  We are all about helping our readers at Male Emporium get the best clothing at a decent price (some subscriptions are more than others).  Now a subscription sounds expensive but the best part is you only pay for you keep and shipping is free.

To get started, you fill out a profile about yourself and what kind of clothing you prefer.  You enter a monthly budget and then a stylist picks out outfits and ships them to you.  Now if you aren’t crazy about the outfit they have sent you, you can send it back and the shipping is paid for.  You only pay for what you keep and the best part is, you will look trendy and fashionable.  Now not all of the subscriptions out there will come with a free stylist, but here is a list of the top 8 from U.S News:

Bombfell (

With a subscription to Bombfell, men can set a spending limit for the month and also specifically indicate what it is that he is searching for in any given month, such as a pair of jeans and a button down shirt). Men fill out a style profile and then a personal stylist will be assigned that will help pick out new styles to send each month. He will only pay for the styles he decides to keep.

Curator and Mule (

Curator and Mule is the site for men who are always on the lookout for the newest accessories. Each season he will receive an assortment of new items (think sunglasses, bags, socks and more) for $60. Each box will ship with four to five of that season’s must-have accessories.

Five Four Club (

With a subscription to Five Four Club, men complete a personal style survey and then work with a personal stylist to determine which styles would be best. Based on those style preferences, he will receive a new box of clothing each month. This service costs $60 per month and men will usually receive about $120 worth of new apparel each month.

Hall&Madden (

Hall&Madden caters to men who need business shirts. Men will receive three shirts for $150 and shirts can be delivered every three, four or six months. Shirts are tailored to fit different body types and are available in slim cut, athletic cut or classic cut.

Confused About Men’s Fashion? Get a Subscription

Manpacks (

Manpacks offers the finishing touches that every man needs, including underwear and socks. Men choose what they want to receive and then every three months he will receive a reminder that it is time to reorder (he can also reorder sooner if necessary).

Root Bizzle (

Root Bizzle is a tie delivery service. A subscription costs $25 per month and men will receive one new silk tie per month in their choice of three overall styles: business, skinny or whimsical.

The Mr. Collection (

All of the other sites on this list offer ways for men to purchase new items to add to their wardrobes, but The Mr. Collection is a clothing rental site for men. Men interested in renting new clothing items must fill out a style survey, and then stylists for The Mr. Collection put together a box of clothing based on those preferences. Once the box is received, the recipient can enjoy those items for the month, and so long as the box is returned to The Mr. Collection by the specified date, he will receive another box of clothing the following month. Men interested in purchasing any of the items that he really likes will be offered a discount.

Three different style options are available: Casual clothing for $39 per month, business clothing for $45 per month or men’s accessories for $25 per month.

Trunk Club (

 Men who register for Trunk Club will work with a personal stylist at the company (via phone, email, text or app) to determine clothing selections that would be best, and then a box of clothing is shipped out. When working with the stylist, men can indicate whether they are looking for business appropriate items or casual clothing and the stylist will put together a box to fit those needs. Men only pay for the items they decide to keep and all other items must be shipped back to the company. Trunk Club is not a monthly subscription service. Instead, men request a new trunk whenever new clothing is wanted.

Clothing subscriptions are not for everyone and if you are regulars on this website then we are sure you will find plenty of great fashion advice.  Subscriptions are perfect for men that just don’t have time to shop or despise it with a passion.  Either way they are there if you need the.


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