Get Ready, Slouchy and Tapered Pants are Coming Back

By on May 4, 2016

Dressing in Slouchy PantsHistory keeps repeating itself and as all the slimmer fit pants I am sure will still be there, slouchy pants are coming back on the runways.  The Wall Street Journal takes a deeper look at some of the latest trends.  Christopher Cambell shares some wisdom of some of the pants he is wearing and what to look for.  Here is the report:

Men, you know you’re in trouble when a professional stylist has concerns about a hot runway style.

When he saw that a number of men’s designer labels have been promoting slouchy, wide-legged pants for spring, after years of getting men to squeeze into slimmer fits, Christopher Campbell grew excited but also a little worried.

“The wide-leg silhouette is not so easy to pull off,” said Mr. Campbell, who styles for Lord & Taylor, Hickey Freeman, Robb Report and Out magazine, among others. “Especially for a guy who’s not that tall. I’m 5-8. Some wider-leg trousers can drown me out.”

But Mr. Campbell has found a way to make the slouchy pant trend work for him.

Slouchy Pants are Making A ComebackHe recently bought a pair of lightweight wool slouchy pants in black from Dries Van Noten that “have a lot of room in the thigh” but then taper toward the bottom. “They give the impression of a wide-leg silhouette” but they are more streamlined than a true wide-leg pant.

Another pair he purchased for spring, from Comme des Garcons, similarly tapers in around the calf and down to the ankle. He recommends that men looking to try this trend out find pants that “slim out a little bit” gradually from the knee down rather than ballooning out and then cutting in at the bottom. “You don’t want the pants to look clown-y,” he said.

An easy way to tell whether and how much pants are tapered, is to hold the pant up to see if the leg crates a slight V-shape, “like a carrot,” he said. It’s a popular cut right now, so there is a good selection from high-end stores like Barneys to stores like Cos and Zara at more approachable prices.

Mr. Campbell doesn’t recommend getting a tailor to taper slouchy wide-legged pants. “I’d be careful with tailoring on this type of silhouette,” he said. “It has to be the perfect balance in proportion from the thigh to the ankle.”

Slouchier pants are supposed to look drapey and relaxed, so Mr. Campbell doesn’t hem them. “He recommends leaving the pants a little long at the bottom with a big break in them. “It’s a slouchy, devil-may-care look” served in a coolly elegant way, he said. “Pair them with a Stan Smith [sneaker] and you’re ready to go,” he said.

In addition to those minimalist sneakers, Mr. Campbell has been wearing his slouchy pants with a oxford shirt, untucked, or a lightweight knit sweater, for casual, everyday dressing.

For a dressier look, he’ll wear “something a bit more fitted on top,” like a slim-fitting blazer and T-shirt, “otherwise it just becomes too loose,” he said. A fitted piece “helps to balance out the look out and make it more flattering,” he says. He will pair that with a Derby-style dress shoe, which is like an oxford but with a different lacing. “I’m really into a super clean, black Derby shoe right now,” he said.

Slouchy and tapered is a silhouette “that works on all sizes and shapes,” Mr. Campbell said. Tall, slim guys can pull off slouchy pants with somewhat wider legs, however.

Tapering is a trick that can upgrade many pants styles.With his favorite go-to pants, which are slimmer and shorter, he has the pants hemmed so they are cropped to show some ankle. He then has the pants tapered at the bottom. “Tapering makes everything look more expensive and gives the pant more of modern feeling,” he said. “I have a lot of friends who don’t spend a lot of money on clothes, and the best advice I give them when they buy a cheaper suit is to get the pants tapered.” He said it helps take a suit “from 34th Street to Madison Avenue.”

Tapered Men's Dress Pants

We will see how long the slouchy pants stay on center stage for, but it is always fun to see how things come and go over the decades.  If you have some slouchy pants or something tapered, please share in the comments below.  We would like to see how men are pulling off these looks.  If you have not already, look at how husky men are changing the fashion industry as well!

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