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By on August 27, 2014

Is Your New Shoe High Tech? - The Left Shoe CompanySo, no two feet are identical including your own.  A company named The Left Shoe Company had the same realization and came up with a way to make sure you get the ultimate fit.  The Left Shoe Company is originally from Finland and is putting up temporary shops around the United States to get the word out.  To make sure this company gets an accurate assessment, they take a 3-D rendering of both of your feet (that’s right, each one).  Then, they make the shoes specifically for your feet which give you maximum support and comfort.  This is what Yahoo Travel has to say about the company:

For men who travel for business, having the right shoes is essential. Your footwear must be comfortable enough to take you from terminal to terminal and stylish enough to look at home in business class. 

Is Your New Shoe High Tech? - The Left Shoe Company

Now there’s a new shopping experience that may be the coolest way ever for guys to buy shoes.  It may even be worth traveling for.  The Left Shoe Company, a bespoke men’s shoemaker that originated in Finland, is currently crisscrossing the United States, opening temporary “pop-up” stores in several major cities. The goal is to get the word out about the company’s unique approach to shoemaking: It takes 3D renderings of each customer’s feet — both of them — and makes shoes specifically designed to fit each individual foot.  

The Left Shoe Company is opening temporary “pop-ups,” like this one in New York, to spread the word about its unique shoe-buying experience .

“The Left Shoe Company is equal opportunity for both your feet because we’re giving each foot exactly what it needs,” said Gordon Clune, who, along with Patrick Mayworm, brought Left Shoe to the U.S. He noted that more than a quarter of his customers require different shoe sizes for their left and right feet, something not readily available in mass-produced, store-bought shoes. “They’re never going to get what they need off the shelf,” Clune said of these customers.

Digital Foot Scan The Left Shoe CompanyNow, these shoes are crafted with the highest quality and The Left Shoe Company has the latest styles and some classics as well.  The coolest part of the experience though is when you are getting the measurements done to each foot.  Before you get your foot scanned, you have to put on a green and yellow sock to help with the measurement process and each foot will take a few minutes.  After putting on the socks, you will have to step onto a platform where your foot will be 3-D scanned.

After the scan and measurements are on file, customers can select from a variety of loafers, Oxfords, boots, sneakers, and even golf shoes (Left Shoes retail from $395 to $3,500). Once you make your selections online, the shoes are handcrafted in Portugal according to each specific measurement, after which they are shipped to your door. The whole process takes about six weeks.

Left Shoe stores already are up and running in London, Dubai, Naples, Copenhagen, Germany, and Japan. And yet, Clune and Mayworm are taking a slow and steady approach to introducing this concept to Americans. They have just one physical U.S. location, in Los Angeles. But they’ve been spending a lot of time in New York lately with an eye toward launching a store there sometime next year. Over the next few weeks, they’re also planning more pop-up stores in Boston, Sacramento, and Beverly Hills.

Now we understand if you can’t afford some of the shoes that The Left Shoe Company produces, but this is a glimpse into the future and all the technology put into making the perfect shoe is coming to a location near you.  You can check out the link here to see if they will be in your town and if you can’t purchase a pair, it would still be interesting to see them in action.  If you are on a budget we recommend you take a look at the Madden Men’s Trace Slip-On.


 Youtube Video on The Left Shoe Company:


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