ISSEY MIYAKE MEN Fly Front Sneakers

By on August 3, 2014

ISSEY MIYAKE MEN: KALEIDOSCOPE REVERSEWe love to keep up on the latest fashion around the world and the ISSEY MIYAKE Men’s Fly Front Sneakers are being released for a limited time in Japan which are including magma and rainbows designs.  These sneakers are wicked offering a “fly front” design which is a growing trend across the globe.  ISSEY MIYAKE MEN designs more than just sneakers and produces many trend-setting products.  Here is what Fashion Headline Japan has to say about the new sneakers:

Under the collection theme expressing vast European nature, a total of 14 items, low-cut and high-cut sneakers in 7 colors each are in store. Priced between 36,000 yen and 44,000 yen.

The designs are decorated with prints of rainbow and magma patterns, also seen in the apparel collection. The leather sneakers in silver and red are coated with foil for a lustrous finish. A simple model in black leather and sporty black/white models using grids for its uppers are also part of the lineup. 

As seen in the name, the sneakers introduce a fly front for the overall design and were inspired from the brand’s popular fly-front shirts.

ISSEY MIYAKE MEN Fly Front Sneakers

Many feel that Yusuke Takahashi has developed something incredible for the whole world to see.   Yusuke Takahashi use of metallic objects and superior cutting techniques are some of the best we have seen.  If you haven’t check out any products yet from ISSEY MIYAKE we recommend checking the link below.


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