The Toronto Men’s Fashion week plans to shape menswear forever

By on August 6, 2014

The Toronto Men’s Fashion week plans to shape menswear foreverThe men’s fashion week in Toronto is definitely stirring up some buzz with all the posters that are being hung that say I am Tom.  The Toronto men’s fashion week will be a fun filled event with people of all ages and body types in parades modeling some of the newer and older men’s designers in the Toronto market.

Now here is a fun fact, the men’s fashion market has grown 70 percent since 1998.  That is huge and exciting at the same time, giving up some of the horrible fashion of old.  Now we are seeing skinny pants, dapper shoes, French cuffs, vests and Mad Men pocket squares that have the eye of the newer generations.  Everything seems to be changing for the best and here is what The Star has to say about the Toronto Festival:

“A teaser on human billboards at Pride week read: Who Is TOM? The question, posed across the bodies of a broad array of Canadian male models, was part of the slick, black-and-white, Young & Rubicam-designed social media campaign I AM TOM.

The TOM in question is not a person, but Toronto Men’s Fashion Week, which just happens to have an easy-to-remember human nickname. The premiere of the TOMFW Spring-Summer 2015, from Aug. 12 to 15 at the Fairmont Royal York hotel, comes at a time when interest in menswear is at an all-time high.

Christopher BatesThe global menswear market has been wildly outpacing womenswear, the traditionally dominant portion of the industry. The most oft-cited study is from 2013 by Bain & Company, and it shows menswear growing between 9 and 13 per cent a year, globally, since 2009. This is no small potatoes, since the U.S. menswear market alone is estimated to be worth $60 billion. Internationally that figure is $400 billion.”

Whats great for designers is that TOMFW is not charging a fee to show products.  This is awesome in itself because events can range from 7,000 to 30,000 dollars.  If you are just getting started then this can be a huge burden.

“Menswear is a great opportunity for many of our designers to say diversity is part of the DNA of this city.”

Here Are Some Designers To Check Out at the TOMFW

  • Christopher Bates is widely expected to take a star turn at TOMFW. His appearance will mark the 10th collection for the Toronto-based designer, who was educated at the esteemed Istituto Marangoni in Milan. For spring/summer 2015, Bates was inspired by desert clothing from The English Patient. He is excited about the new platform. “The focus will solely be on menswear so I’ll benefit from the increased attention. My goals are to garner press, generate demand for my line amongst retailers and consumers, and support my existing retailers. My sales have increased dramatically over the last two years. I attribute this to a number of things, one of which is men’s increasing interest in fashion.”
  • On the newbie side is Benji WZW. The Toronto-based luxury streetwear designer completed his fashion training at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Belgium, and debuted his line for fall/winter 2014 at Fashion Art Toronto (FAT) in April. Notably, Lady Gaga has been seen in one of his Japanese biker-style jackets. Coming for spring/ summer 2015 is a line inspired by David Cronenburg’s Crash. WZW thinks his timing in business is just right: “There has been a palpable change and drastic rise in terms of menswear and the mainstream market. I think men and the concept of male gender identity has expanded again, and there’s less fear in dressing true to one’s self.”
  • Also new to the game is Sons of Odin, a Queen West label by Zakariah Milana and Charlene Martin. The designers sold to New York retailers before they were picked up locally. This will be their first Toronto runway show. Look for Sons of Odin’s “edgy and noir” stand-alone pieces, especially the custom prints. “I hate to say that our market is not as advanced as the States, Asia or Europe but the fact is we are not,” says Martin. “They are able to take risks with their buy because there is a demand for it. Canada we are a little bit behind. I feel customers look to the states or to the international markets first than we trend with it. On the brighter side we are getting there.”
  • Other labels to watch out for include recent Ryerson Grad Som Kong who won the TFI/Youth Employment Services Passion for Fashion award this year. And Rani Kim, by designer Andrew Coimbra, who creates his own textile prints, following in the tradition of Canadian starts Erdem and Sarah Stevenson. Their work will appear in the EMDA show, along with Andrew Coimbra, Patrick Salonga and Joao Paulo Guedes.


 Youtube video of Calvin Klein at TOMFW:

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