Will Coach Menswear Help Get Them Back On Track?

By on August 10, 2014

Will Coach Menswear Help Get Them Back On Track?Looking at the numbers from this year compared to last the luxury designer brand Coach Inc. has seen declines over the past year looking at their fourth quarter.  In a previous post, we mentioned that coach will be releasing many men’s lines to help bolster sales.  At the time menswear only makes up for 14 percent of  the sales and last fourth quarter Coach had sales of $1.14 billion which were still down 7 percent from the same quarter last year.   For the year total Coach Inc was down by 5 percent which saw year sales of $5.81 billion.  Here is what Ad Week has gathered:

“The fourth quarter capped a challenging year for the company, most notably in the North America women’s bag and accessory business,” said CEO Victor Luis in the statement. “However, it was also a year of many accomplishments for Coach, including the successful integration of our retail businesses in Europe, surpassing $500 million in sales in China, and driving men’s to about $700 million in sales globally. Most importantly, we laid the groundwork for our brand transformation.”

Will Coach Menswear Help Get Them Back On Track?Coach plans on focusing more on the Chinese market where men’s fashion is flourishing and makes up the bulk of luxury spending.  There are talks of releasing an entire men’s clothing line as well and is definitely focusing more on lifestyle products instead of just handbags and accessories.   “We’re launching a full collection,” Greg Unis, who oversees globally merchandising at Coach, told Quartz. “We’re not far off from its imminent future.”  We have had a look at Coach’s latest shoe line and it looks promising.

Will Coach see significant growth from the new men’s line and lifestyle branding?  Only time will tell and Coach is hoping that men will find them relevant in the future in this growing men’s fashion market.  If you are looking for discounts on men’s Coach items click the link below.


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