Men’s Additional Resources

There are many great authorities on the market today that offer men sound advice and help through our struggles.  We have relied on these sites and some may not be well known.  If we are missing anything in our list please let us know so we can add the website.  Keep an eye out as well because we will be changing things around from time to time.

The Art of Manliness

Here is a website that has class, offering everything from men’s health tips to just being a gentle men.  If you have never been we recommend checking out the art of manliness to brush up on some of your skills.  This website is always updated on a regular basis and offers quality content for all walks of life.  I always learn something new when I visit.

The Underwear Expert

These guys really are experts when it comes to men’s underwear and I am always visiting to get the latest on a new pair of underwear.  This website is updated daily not only on new underwear, but fitness tips on how to get that body to fit into that new pair of underwear.  This is a quality website you should add to your list.


We are all about looking sharp and so is Sharpologist.  Offering men tips about shaving and style we feel this website is one of the best out there on maintaining your facial hear.  We think they have tried just about every shaving product on the market and offers a great resource for men.


Here is a website that believes Fashion is temporary and expensive. Style is timeless and affordable.  We couldn’t have said it better and love to get the latest advice from Dappered.  Not only does Dappered discuss fashion, but you will see other life tips for men that we recommend you read.

Snarky Nomad

This guy travels all over the world offering product reviews and fun experiences.  There isn’t a place he won’t go and gives inspiration to many men.  One day I would love to travel the globe and experience half of what this website has to share.  Check in from time to time to see where he is heading next.

Big Men’s Fashion Style 

Great tips on this website for everyday style and business success.  Suzanne is a fantastic writer and is always creating quality content for her readers on a regular basis.  Stop on by and leave a comment.


This website has tons of information on not only men’s fashion, but life in general as a man.  You will get lost in this website with the thousands of pages of content that they have to offer but that is half the fun!  Give Primer a look when you have a decent amount of time on your hands!

Mr&Mrs Romance

This blog is perfect for those that want to get a better look at what a power couple looks like.  Mr and Mrs Romance travel the world stopping by every interesting location and reviewing it on their blog.  You will find great food, locations and fun everywhere they go and will give you great ideas for your next vacation.

The Clubhouse by Trunk Club

Trunk Club offers a clothing subscription for men which offers ease.  The best part is, the Trunk Club blog, also known as the Clubhouse offers a wide array of men’s fashion trends and advice to make sure you look shark at that next cocktail party.


Rebecca is always updating her blog about some of the latest fashions that she is wearing.  Even though not about men’s  fashion, Trendeneur has wonderful pictures and tips about living and fashion.  Great blog to look at in your spare time.

We will keep adding to list as we find some more high quality men’s websites that offer great value.  Again if you have a website to share with us, please contact us in the comment section on any page or on our contact us page.