How to Buy Men’s Dress Shoes Guide

By on June 3, 2016

Everyone has a different idea of what dress shoes they are looking for.  You might be looking for a special pair for the occasion or just a work shoe for daily use.  With all things in life, you should keep in mind certain rules when looking for that perfect shoe.  Now everyone’s budget is different so I recommend getting what is in your means.  If you can only spend 20 bucks, then I would recommend looking at gently used dress shoes unless you are ok with your fake leather shoe at the local department store.

Dress Shoe Guide for Men

Things to Consider When Making Your Purchase

The first thing about shoes that I have noticed to avoid is the very shiny, high gloss dress shoe.  We have all seen them on the shelves, the ones that look like plastic.  Not only do most of these shoes look cheap, you will find that they don’t look good for long.  This material is subject to wrinkle very easily and after the wrinkles are in the shoe, they won’t come out.  Also, this material cracks and can be uncomfortable to wear.  I have even seen some of the higher end companies out there producing their shoes from this material.  Another indicator to look for is the smell.  Why the smell?  Well if your shoe smells like chemicals or anything but the shoe polish from the factory, you probably have a low-quality shoe in your hands.

Some of the things to check are is the shoe made of genuine leather?  Most people are afraid to ask that if you don’t know, follow up with an employee at the store.  They are usually pretty knowledgeable and want you to end up with the correct shoe.  Also, we have created a shoe care article on this website that will give you an idea on how to treat your new leather shoes.

How Much Heel is Enough?

Most men that I have come across wouldn’t mind being a little taller.  Even though this is the case, it isn’t always a good idea to be getting shoes with a higher heel.  The best rule of thumb to follow is to keep the heel 1.4 inches or smaller.  Anything bigger than this will stand out like a sore thumb.  It is good for your shoes to stand out, but for the right reasons.

Another problem that will come into play is the width of the shoe.  A good thing to keep into consideration is your wardrobe.  If you have a lot of loose fitting jeans, it is a good idea to have wider shoes to go with the look.  If you like fitted and slim fit clothing, I recommend that you get more narrow shoes to go with the outfit.  You really want your outfit to fit with your shoes.  That being said, keep color in mind.  Most men that dress up on a regular basis will have more than one pair of dress shoes.  You don’t want to base all of your clothing off of just one pair of shoes do you? This guide was made to keep things simple and I have included many videos below to give you an idea on how to pick out the perfect shoes.

Videos on How to Purchase the Perfect Dress Shoes:

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