The Best After Shave Lotion, Balm and Gel for Men

By on November 4, 2014

The Best After Shave Lotion, Balm and Gel for MenThere are many different types of products that you can put on your face after you shave.  One may not be better than the other, but having a quality product to help your skin heal is crucial.  As men, we can damage our facial skin using razors which can cause nicks or small cuts, razor burn, and ingrown hairs.  Finding a quality aftershave product will help give relief from the trauma of shaving by soothing your skin and stopping the bleeding from cuts or nicks.  Now, if you are confused about men’s skincare, in general, we have created a men’s skincare guide for our readers to help inform you of what to look for in the men’s market.

Besides the fact that using an after shave product will help with problematic skin conditions, there are other benefits of using aftershave.  Most aftershave products have a nice scent to them and are available for any man’s budget.  Having a nice smell helps make a better impression on others and using aftershave is a good hygiene practice.  I will be covering all of the benefits and practices of using aftershave.

Benefits of Using Men’s Aftershave

There are many different aftershave products on the market and finding the right one to use is an important step.  If you have sensitive skin, then there are plenty of solutions out there.  You will find some of the better after shave products using Eucalyptus Oil, Menthol, Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, and vitamins like B5 to help tighten pores.  I always recommend reading reviews to get an idea of what the aftershave product smells like before you purchase it.  Some aftershaves will give you that old barber shop smell while others will have a more feminine smell to them (be warned).

Common Aftershave Products to Look For

You will find many different options on the market and most of them will give you the same results.  What you can expect to see is balms, gels, powders, and lotions.  It seems like there are many different varieties to choose from but here are the top 3:

  1. Best Men's After Shave FormulaBalms: Balms are great for soothing irritated skin and contain ingredients that will moisturize your face and neck after that shave.  Balms will allow your skin to breathe and will protect your pores.  Many of the balms that I have seen on the market contain grape seed extracts, vitamin C, and shea butter to give your skin that healthy look.
  2. Lotions: This is probably the most common type of aftershave product on the market because it is great for so many different skin types.  Most of the lotions include healing agents that reduce redness like Aloe Vera.  Lotions are a great conditioner for the skin and a good choice if you are just getting started.
  3. Gels:  Gels are great for reducing razor burn on your skin and any other irritations that you are experiencing.  Another great thing about gels is that they have anti-bacterial properties that will rid your face of viruses and skin bacteria.  If you have clogged pores, gels will help keep them clear and clean.

If you haven’t been using an aftershave than picking up any type of aftershave will be beneficial to add to your everyday routine.  Not only is there huge benefits to your skin’s health, but there are other factors that shouldn’t be ignored.

Hygiene Benefits From Using Aftershave

Having a clean look and a fresh scent is huge when you are around other people and improving your skin’s health will show.  Younger men may be suffering from acne or other skin conditions that are genetic.  Cleaning properly and using a good aftershave lets people know that you’re doing your best to prevent your current condition.  If you keep at it, you will see huge improvements over the long run.

Confidence, First Impressions, and Appearance

No, aftershave is not going to make your life magically change.  The benefits of using aftershave should be combined with other healthy habits.  Using a good aftershave will help give you a fresh smell that others will find attractive and helps give a little more confidence when interacting with other people.  Not only giving you a great scent, you will also be able to see the benefits in the mirror when you are looking at your skin.

Out Top 5 Aftershave Picks

We always try to keep a budget in mind when making our selections.  This is my list of some of the top aftershaves that any man can add to their arsenal of products.  If we missed a product that you think belongs on this list, please comment in the section below.

Nivea for Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm

NIVEA Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm, 3.3 OzThis product doesn’t contain any alcohol and was made with men that have sensitive skin in mind.  Made in Germany, this balm has many fantastic ingredients including chamomile and vitamin E which will hydrate and soothe your skin after each shave.  Many men have reported that long-term use has resulted in a better skin texture using this balm.  The only drawback that some men have found is the scent is a little bit more strong than other brands.

The Art of Shaving Aftershave Balm

The Art of Shaving After-Shave Balm, Sandalwood Essential Oil, for All Skin Types, Packaging May Vary (100 ml)The Art of Shaving’s products have never let me down and this shave balm refreshes and soothes your skin after each shave.  Men with normal skin types or even sensitive skin will benefit from using this aftershave.  No alcohol or antiseptics have been included in this balm, but instead shea butter, grape seed, algae extracts, and even vitamin C!  The scent is manly, but not overwhelming.

Neutrogena Men Razor Defense Post Shave Lotion

Neutrogena Men Razor Defense Post Shave Lotion, 2.5 Ounce (Pack of 4)This a great aftershave to moisturize dry skin and heal those nicks and cuts.  What I love about the Neutrogena aftershave lotion is that it can reduce those red bumps and irritations that we experience after a shave.  More importantly, the Neutrogena Razor Defense is lightweight and won’t clog your pores.  Two thumbs up from us!


Clubman Pinaud After Shave Lotion

Clubman Pinaud After Shave Lotion, 6 OunceThis is definitely old school aftershave lotion which will teleport you to the barber shop everytime that you use it.  The classic scent will give you a sense of traveling back in time and the alcohol in this product will wake you up after your shave.  This aftershave does its job but isn’t for everyone.  The Clubman Pinaud will help heal nicks and razor burn while soothing your skin.


Proraso Aftershave Lotion, Refresh

Proraso Aftershave Lotion, Refresh, 100 mlThis is the top selling after shave on the market and there is a reason for that.  Proraso has been creating quality men’s products for years and this is no different.  With menthol and eucalyptus, this anti-irritation formula works for men with sensitive and regular skin.  The menthol refreshes and revitalizes and there is a nice tingle after splashing this on.  The scent isn’t overwhelming and there are no parabens, silicons, mineral oils, or artificial colors.  You can’t go wrong with Proraso products!

Final Thoughts on Men’s Aftershave

Picking up a quality aftershave for a low price makes a world of difference.  Reducing irritation like razor burn and nicks is easy and your skin will show it.  If you don’t see an aftershave that you love listed, please let us know in the comments below.

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