Get Organized With the Aristocrat Homewares Compact Amazon Tie Hanger

By on November 3, 2014

Get Organized With the Aristocrat Homewares Compact Tie Hanger Anyone that wears a tie on a regular basis knows what a pain in the butt it is to keep all their ties organized and easy to find.  I have so many ties that they sit in mounds and sometimes finding that perfect tie can be challenging.  The good news is, there is an inexpensive solution to every man’s problem.  Getting a tie hanger will not only save space, but free you from the headache of locating that tie.  If you already have a tie hanger that is functional then I recommend taking a look at Paul Malone necktie set.

Since I have so many ties, I was looking for a hanger that would hold a decent amount of neckties so I didn’t have to purchase a lot of hangers.  I came across the Aristocrat Homewares compact tie hanger.  This hanger really is compact and rotates 360 degrees on the hanger so it is easy to access all of your ties while not taking a large amount of space.  Let’s take a deeper look at what you can expect from this tie hanger.

Features of the Aristocrat Homewares Tie Hanger

Amazon Tie Hanger 20 CountSo freeing up some space is great, but organizing and finding your perfect tie is easy to do.  The rack is designed to hold your tie in place and has a clip for each spot so you don’t walk into your closet and see all of your ties on the floor.  The balance of this rack is amazing and you won’t have to worry about it leaning from side to side while you try on different ties.

The construction of the tie rack is ABS plastic which is strong and durable.  The compact design features 360 degree rotation and folds into an easy to transport hanger.  This is something that has made my life easier and is a great deal.  Here are the features of this tie hanger:

  • Amazon and Walmart Tie HangerAllows you to “grab and go” with your favorite tie
  • Won’t sag to one side and dump your ties on the floor
  • Takes up minimal space in your closet
  • Brings a feeling of satisfaction for your newly organized closet
  • Holds up to 20 ties
  • Has smooth, plastic clips that gently hold your ties in place
  • Rotates 360 degree which makes for ease of selection
  • Folds into a small, compact unit

The best part about this little tie hanger is that it includes a 12-month satisfaction guarantee.  These guys stand behind their product and I have no complaints.  If you are looking for something simple to organize your partner’s ties or even your own, this is it.

Final Thoughts on the Aristocrat Homewares Tie Hanger

Something simple can make a world of difference and if you have a growing tie collection then I would recommend picking up this hanger.  If you only have a couple ties then I would recommend waiting until you get a few more.  Click the link below for additional information.


Youtube Video how to store a tie:

Aristocrat Homewares Compact Amazon Tie Hanger
  • Amazon Tie Rack - 8.9/10


Tired of having your ties laying around unorganized? This is the perfect solution for every man and is very cost effective. Created from strong ABS plastic, this Amazon tie rack should for years to come and has a 12 satisfaction guarantee!

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