Landisun 651 Gold Black Paisleys Mens Silk Tie Set

By on August 15, 2014

Landisun 651 Gold Black Paisleys Mens Silk Tie Set: Tie+Hanky+CufflinksIf you are looking for a tie that makes a statement, we think we have found the one for you!  The Landisun Gold Black Paisleys silk tie includes more than just the neck time.  Landisun gives you an entire set so you match for what ever occasion you are on.  Included with the tie is a hanky and cufflinks which takes guess work out of matching your suit elements.  If you already have a tie like the Landiscun 651 we recommend you pick up the Invicta Men’s Pro Diver 8928C for that black tie event.

It all comes down to preference if you like paisleys and the tear drop design isn’t for everyone.  I picked up this tie set because it’s a design I wouldn’t normally wear and it is a good first step out of my comfort zone.  For the set being under 26 bucks I had some concerns that this silk tie set wouldn’t be quality made.  Well, Landisun surprised my with this fantastic set and the quality is top notch.  Let’s see what you can expect from this tie set.

Features of the Landisun 651 Gold Black Paisleys Tie

Landisun 651 Gold Black Paisleys Mens Silk Tie SetThis tie is made out of 100 percent pure woven silk and Landisun carefully makes these by hand.  Pretty impressive for the price they are charging.  Landisun states that “When you wear a Landisun Tie Set you are guaranteed to make a statement without saying a word”.  I believe them when they say that because I have got many compliments on this set throughout my workday.  It is important to look sharp on the job or at an important affair.

Landisun 651 Gold Black Paisleys Mens Silk Tie SetThe length of the tie is 59” so if you are taller than the average man then you might need to look at a longer tie.  The widest point of the tie measures 3.75 inches which is standard and they also offer a 3.25 inch tie if the standard is too wide.  Here are the specs:

  • Brand: Landisun
  • Material: 100% Pure Silk
  • Size: 59″ Length, 3.75″ Width
  • Quality: Please don’t worry, it’s Landisun!
  • New With Tag!
  • Care Guide Dry Clean Only

I really like this tie set and Landisun has many more options on the market if you don’t like the Paisleys design.  Most haven’t heard of the Landisun brand yet but so far I am impressed.  This really is a set that will make a statement.

Final Thoughts on the Landisun Gold Black Paisleys Tie Set

If you like this set as much as I do then I recommend getting it at a 62 percent discounts off of suggested retail from the link below.  I am more than please with my tie set and will be picking up the other styles to review soon.  Please post below if you have any comments on your experience with Landisun.


Youtube Video on how to match your ties:

Landisun 651 Gold Black Paisleys Mens Silk Tie
  • Landisun Men's SIlk Tie - 8.9/10


Looking for that quality silk tie that will make your suit look that much better. Landisun has the solution for you with their Gold Black Paisleys tie. Offered at a steep discount was can find a better reason to become more stylish!

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