Scott Allan Men’s Diamond Necktie

By on September 14, 2014

Scott Allan Men's Diamond NecktieI have become a fan of Scott Allan ties not only because they are always a good price, but the quality is there as well.  I have an addiction and I can’t stop adding to my tie collection.  I could have worse habits, but the good new is that looking sharp has never been easier.  If you already own this tie or are looking for something different then we recommend checking out the Retreez Tartan plaid pattern skinny tie.

I picked up the men’s Diamond Necktie off of the internet on clearance and looking at the pictures I was looking for a tie that will work for any occasion.  As soon as I received the tie in the mail, I opened it up and the pictures of the tie were spot on.  The tie is made from a thicker woven microfiber which really gives has a quality feel and should hold a knot really well.  Let’s see if this tie looks as good on me as it does from first glance.

Features of the Scott Allan Men’s Diamond Necktie

Scott Allan Men's Diamond NecktieThe Scott Allan collection consists of many different patterns and colors for any type of man that wants to pull off a classic design with modern styling.  The tie itself is 3.3 inches at its widest point and is 59 inches in length which are standard.  The colors stated are yellow and navy, but looking at the tie in good lighting, I would say that the yellow itself is more of a gold color.

On the back of the ties, you will see that embroidered Scott Allan logo so you know you are getting an authentic product.  The back of the tie also features strong double tie loops and a hook to keep everything in place.  The tie is crafted from some of the highest quality Jacquard Woven Microfiber which will last you years and years if you take care of your tie properly.  Here are the features of the men’s diamond necktie:

  • Scott Allan Men's Diamond NecktieMicrofiber
  • Stylish and sophisticated diamond pattern necktie is perfect for any occasion
  • Features embroidered logos, strong double tie loops, and a tie hook
  • Made with the finest high-quality Jacquard Woven Microfiber
  • Measures 59 inches long and 3.3 inches wide
  • Comes with Scott Allan tags of authenticity and shipped in protective packaging for safe postage

This tie goes with many of my outfits and looks sharp.  I get many compliments on my new tie and it does have a sophisticated stylish look.  Make sure you look for the embroidered logo to verify that the tie is an authentic Scott Allan tie.

Final Thoughts on the Scott Allan Men’s Diamond Necktie

If you are looking for a sharp tie that will look good with many of your dress shirts and for many different occasions, this is the tie for you.  The best part is, this tie is marked down 41 percent off of suggested retail for a limited time.


Youtube Video on matching your shirt, tie, and suit:

Scott Allan Men's Diamond Necktie
  • Scott Allan Men's Necktie - 9.0/10


This is your next tie to go with many different suits or dress shirts that you already own. This sophisticated tie is made from thick woven microfiber which is guaranteed to impress. Get your Scott Allan tie for a discount today.

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