2(x)ist Men’s Cabana No Show Brief Underwear

By on August 4, 2014

2(x)ist Men's Cabana No Show Brief UnderwearThe 2(x)ist men’s underwear line is growing on us.  Why you might ask? Because their products fit extremely well and are very stylish at the same time.  2(x)ist was founded in 1991 and is an American fashion label that resides in New York City.  Some of the products you will see on the market are watches, swimwear, socks, and underwear.  After reading this article on the 2(x)ist men’s cabana no show brief we recommend you read our guide on the best men’s underwear brands.  Let’s take a deeper look at why I purchased the 2(x)ist underwear.

What I like about the 2(x)ist cabana brief is the cut/style of the underwear.  Before trying on the underwear I noticed that the colors were just as vivid in the photos as the underwear is in real life.  It is always a disappointment when the product looks better on the internet.  These fit just as well as they looked in the photos as well.  Being made of 95 percent cotton and 5 percent spandex, they have just enough stretch while being comfortable.  Looks like a fantastic pair of underwear so far.

Features of the 2(x)ist Men’s Cabana Brief

2(x)ist Men's Cabana No Show Brief Underwear

Until you have tried a contour pouch underwear, you don’t know what you are missing.  The pouch is designed to hold your package in place while not being too tight.  This does the job perfectly.  When looking at the picture you can see that 2(x)ist has added a seam down the middle of the contour pouch for that added support.  When wearing the cabana no show brief you will notice that the waistband sits below the hip and has no thick fabric that sticks out.  This is where they get the no-show rise and you shouldn’t be able to detect these under your pants.

What I love about this collection are the bright colors.  You will notice from the pictures that they didn’t pick any boring tones or patterns.  Not only being bright and colorful, the underwear feels great to wear.  Included is 2(x)ist Softflex cotton blend that gives the underwear the stretch it needs to fit many body types while still being form fitting.  Here are some more features:

  • 95% Cotton/5% Spandex
  • Imported
  • Machine Wash
  • Original contour pouch offers support, fit and comfort
  • No show rise, waistband sits below the hip
  • Softflex cotton, 2xist’s soft stretch cotton blend

Over all of the reviews for this underwear, I have only found happy customers and I am one as well.  2(x)ist really did their research not only making a visually stimulating pair of underwear but a comfortable one as well.

Last Thoughts on the No Show Cabana Brief

These are a little more expensive than your general pair of underwear, but we believe that you get what you pay for.  If you want to look stylish and have all day comfort and support, it is time for you to pick up a pair.  Click the link below for more information on the men’s cabana no show brief.


2(x)ist underwear youtube video:

2(x)ist Men's Cabana No Show Brief
  • 2(x)ist Men's Underwear - 9.0/10


Want a comfortable pair of underwear that offers plenty of support? The cabana no show brief by 2(x)ist is the perfect solution for your needs. Don't worry because this underwear will stand out in your collection.

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