Jockey Men’s Microfiber Performance Boxer Brief

By on August 22, 2014

Jockey Men's Microfiber Performance Boxer Brief Jockey has been making quality men’s underwear for some time now and their performance underwear looked like a must try pair.  The Jockey Microfiber Performance not only looked comfortable but offered a moisture management system to keep you dry during any activity.  Now, if you haven’t seen the latest Jockey commercial that was released a few days ago, we recommend that you check it out after this article.  Jockey’s new slogan “supporting greatness” is perfect for the ad where they have Buzz Aldrin in a space suit jumping around and is wearing a pair of Jockeys.

Beyond the commercials and some of the hype, Jockey knows how to make underwear.  Looking at the microfiber underwear I noticed a variety of colors to choose from and went with blue.  I was expecting a pair of underwear that would contour my body while being comfortable.  The Performance boxer brief is made from 80 percent polyester and 20 percent spandex which should give amazing comfort while giving your manhood some support.  Let’s see how well the underwear performs.

Features of the Jockey Men’s Microfiber Performance Boxer Brief

Jockey Men's Microfiber Performance Boxer Brief I received these in the mail and tried them on after a quick wash and dry.  Trying on the underwear, I noticed that they fit as I had expected.  These boxer briefs fit the form of my body perfectly but didn’t feel too tight.  Now if you haven’t felt microfiber against your skin, then I recommend getting a pair to find out.  The fabric is lightweight and it feels like you are wearing another piece of skin instead of an article of clothing.

Jockey decided to include an H-fly instead of the traditional which offers a lot of support for your manhood.  If you haven’t tried a pair of underwear yet with an H-fly then it will be something to get used to at first.  I personally like the fly while others do not and it all comes down to preference.  After working out for a solid hour I can report that these underwear hold everything in place while offering a moisture management system that wicks away sweat.  The odor protection that is included works as advertised and will keep you smelling a bit fresher after a workout.  Here are the features of the Jockey Performance boxer briefs:

  • Jockey Men's Microfiber Performance Boxer Brief 80% polyester/ 20% spandex. Machine wash and dry. Imported.
  • Style 8050
  • get real performance with our microfiber performance boxer brief
  • boxer brief’s contoured H-fly provides a no-gap support and a custom fit
  • sport underwear’s microfiber fabric wicks away moisture, keeping you cool and dry
  • odor control technology allows you to stay confident and comfortable

Jockey really has made a great pair of underwear that not only looks good but also delivers performance.  Even if you don’t plan on doing any sports or exercise these underwear are comfortable to have on and contour to your body.

Conclusion of the Jockey Men’s Microfiber Performance Boxer Brief

I really enjoy wearing the Jockey Microfiber Performance underwear.  They are soft against the skin and great for holding things in place.  They may be a little bit more than other pairs of underwear, but we can see why.  If you are looking for a great deal please click the link below.


Youtube Video on Jockey performance underwear:

Jockey Men's Microfiber Performance Boxer Brief
  • Jockey Men's Underwear - 9.0/10


Looking for some high performance underwear that really work. The Jockey Microfiber performance underwear are perfect for you active lifestyle. Not only for performance but comfort as well offering the support you need. This is a must have pair of underwear.

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