A Guide To Men’s Bikini Underwear On The Market

By on July 30, 2014

A Guide To Mens Bikini Underwear On The MarketIt seems like men’s underwear is catching up to women’s in some ways offering more risqué options on the market.  Men’s bikini underwear isn’t for everyone but is now becoming the norm in the fashion arena.  If you are looking for a pair of underwear with a little bit more fabric we recommend that you check out the top men’s underwear styles.  If you are interested in liberation from the bland we recommend you keep reading.

The bikini cut usually rides at hip height and usually doesn’t have a waistband.  The less fabric the better and this style of underwear is meant to be form fitting.  Not for the shy, wearing a pair of bikini underwear can be freeing.  We recommend the David Archy for one of the most comfortable pairs of underwear on the market that we have tried.  Most men’s bikinis are including a pouch that is supportive giving you a nice bulge in the midsection to tantalize anyone that looks.

Is Bikini Underwear For You?

I was the type of guy that liked the same style of underwear and stuck to just boxer briefs in my wardrobe.  Then for a gift I received my first pair for my birthday.  I was hooked from that point on.  A lot of underwear on the market is made from a Micro Modal material which is lightweight and breathable.  This gives you a sense of almost going commando without the irritation and chafing that can come from wearing jeans.

It is always good to put thought into which bikini underwear you would like to wear.  Most do not include a front fly and you can find variations of the bikini, like the bikini brief which may be a good entry point for you.  The front pouch design is another key element when looking at your next pair.  Some pouches are bigger than others while some may be too tight.  It is good to look at the materials most will come with either elastane or spandex to give a little stretch to the material.

Spicing Things Up With Your New Bikini Underwear

David Archy Men's Bikini UnderwearIf you have read this far then you must be somewhat curious about trying out a pair of bikini underwear. Before you make your purchase and you have a partner or good friend that is fashion savvy we recommend they help you with your first purchase.  This is a great way to get feedback from someone that potentially will be seeing the underwear on you on a regular basis.  Also, your partner will be able to tell you what is a turn on for them and what isn’t.  So, let’s recap on some of the key items you want to look for when purchasing bikini underwear:

  • What material is the bikini underwear constructed from
  • Read reviews before you purchase to see if the underwear is comfortable
  • Each pair of underwear fits differently and some offer different pouch sizes, there will be a fit as expected box on Amazon for each pair of underwear which will give you a better idea of what to expect.
  • Get feedback before you purchase if you are unsure which style is for you from a partner or close friend that won’t judge you.
  • Be adventurous

If you have any questions feel free to comment below and we will get back to you.  There is such a sense of freedom trying a pair of bikini underwear on for the first time.  This is one of the closest ways to experiencing bliss.  If you are looking for discounts on bikini underwear we recommend you check out the link below for the best deals.


Youtube on the evolution of the men’s bikini:


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