A Guide to Men’s Boxer Briefs On The Market

By on July 31, 2014

A Guide to Men's Boxer Briefs On The MarketA man one day was on the fence about which pair of underwear he should put on, the boxers or the briefs.  He thought to himself that he would love a comfortable fitting pair of men’s underwear that had fabric that covered the thigh area while retaining support from his beloved briefs.  As the man pondered he thought why can’t we make a hybrid pair of underwear and get the best of both worlds?  Today boxer briefs are one of the most popular styles of underwear on the market thanks to innovation.  If you haven’t read our top men’s underwear styles guide we suggest you take a look at it after this article.

I will never replace my boxer briefs in my wardrobe selection and there is a reason why.  Most boxer briefs on the market are made from superior materials that are not only comfortable but are breathable.  Most boxer briefs come down mid thigh and fit your form much better than boxers.  Many manufacturers are including elastane or spandex is woven into the material to give a slight stretch while being able to retain its form after many washes.  You truly get the best of both worlds if you are looking for underwear that offers performance and leisure.

What You Can Expect From a Boxer Brief

There are many boxer briefs on the market and not all are created equal.  Just like any pair the first thing we look at is material.  If you want a basic pair that is low priced you will probably find most made from cotton.  Now cotton is not always my favorite material but if you are looking for a comfortable pair of underwear cotton is great.  If you are going to workout in cotton underwear be prepared to have soggy underwear.

adidas Men's Sport Performance Climalite Boxer Brief,If you are looking for a performance underwear we have three recommendations that we swear buy.  The first pair is the adidas men’s sport performance Climalite.  These will keep you cool and move heat away from your midsection while wicking away sweat.  Second is the ExOfficio Give-N-Go offering a breathable pair of underwear and including their Aegis Microbe Shield that reduces odor-causing bacteria.  Last we have the Under Armour Boxerjock that offers flatlock stitching and easy-stretch design all while keeping you cool.

The pouch is another important factor and most manufacturers are paying close attention to what men want.  Higher end boxer briefs will have a double walled mesh pouch and others will include an H fly.  Also around the pouch you want to make sure the stitching won’t cause irritation or chafing during the day.  We recommend looking for underwear with flatlock stitching or stitching on the edge of the pouch.  Having a contoured pouch will make sure you have plenty of room while removing irritation.  Why spend the money on a nice pair of underwear when they will make you feel uncomfortable?

Final Thoughts on Boxer Brief Underwear

Boxer briefs are great for many occasions you really do get the best of both worlds compared to boxers and briefs alone if you like the additional fabric over the thigh.  Some have complained that they are too hot to wear in the summer but this can be fixed by picking up a pair of underwear with made from a different material.  If you want to pick up a pair at a discount we recommend you look at the link below.


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