Best Men’s Boxer Underwear Guide

By on August 3, 2014

Best Men’s Boxer Underwear GuideMost men have a pretty good idea of what style the men’s boxer underwear is.  It is those loose fitting shorts that sit a little above the knee.  When I was a teenager I was so tired of wearing briefs because they were so tight and of coarse they were the cheapest you could find.  We were on a budget so I didn’t have the luxury of getting designer brands, so as soon as I got my first job I bought some new clothes and of course boxers.  On the weekends, I would lounge around in them and loved all the cool designs and cartoon characters on the front of my new boxers.  Going to the bathroom was somewhat of a pain in the ass because after you unzip your pants you would have to find the button that was holding your fly together.  Well, many years later things have changed and if you are unsure what style of underwear you might like we recommend reading our top men’s underwear styles guide.

Boxer Underwear That Fits Your Lifestyle

Boxers, in my opinion, are one of the most comfortable underwear to lounge around in.  They are very baggy and there are so many different types of materials on the market that you can purchase your boxers in.  If you are having a special occasion there is silk, or if you are a cotton kind of guy they have many varieties to choose from.  Just like every other type of underwear on the market, advancements have been made to boxers as well.  ExOfficio has created their Give-N-Go boxers that wick away sweat and are highly breathable.  Most of the major brands offer many variations of the boxer like Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, ExOfficio and others.

Calvin Klein Men's Matrix BoxerWe get it, these aren’t the sexiest style/cut of underwear on the market.  They cover up a lot of skin and leaves a lot more to the imagination for your partner.  When you are wearing pants they are known for ridding up and giving men wedgies.  If you are going to work out in boxers you might need extra support to hold things in place as well.  There are some benefits though and we might get a little technical with you for a moment.  Testicles are outside of the body for a reason and have to maintain a certain temperature for optimal sperm production.  Now the compression of briefs to your genitals can cause that temperature to rise reducing proper production.  Also, there is a theory that wearing tighter underwear and having rising temperatures can lead to testicular cancer.  Didn’t mean to scare you and this is probably more of a myth than truth but be warned.

So, some of you might think that lower sperm count is a blessing and love wearing boxers because of the freedom you have.  Everyone has their own preference and there are many great boxers on the market.  One of our favorite for outdoor activities is the ExOfficio Give-N-Go boxers.  We will be speaking about these religiously on this website and if you are planning a long trek we recommend picking up a couple pairs.

ExOfficio Men's Give-N-Go BoxerExOfficio includes so many performance features in their underwear.  First, they are comfortable to wear and moisture wicking.  These underwear are treated with a Aegis Microbe Shield which will reduce odor causing bacteria.  This is a miracle in itself.  These are perfect for easy cleaning on the go and fast drying so you can put them back in your pack.  We can see why this underwear has such a higher user rating.

Our second pick is the Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Boxer made from high-quality cotton.  These are comfortable and usually, can be found in packs of 3-4 for a good price.  Their flannel designs bring back childhood memories of Christmas time.

Final Thoughts On Men’s Boxer Underwear

Everyone likes a certain type or style of underwear and we are here to support you in what you like and find comfortable.  I have many different styles of underwear in my wardrobe and enjoy each type for different occasions.  Please comment below on some of your favorite boxer underwear.


Youtube video on how to make your own boxer underwear:

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