Some of the Top Men’s Underwear Styles

By on July 30, 2014

Some of the Top Men's Underwear StylesThere seems to be a new style or cut of men’s underwear being release everday and some of the latest include little to no fabric.  Now if you haven’t read out best men’s underwear guide we recommend you look at that first.  I have tried most styles of underwear on the market and some are not always for daily occasions.  It is good to put in plenty of thought before making a purchase with your hard earned money.  Let’s dive into what you will find on the market today.

Most Common Men’s Styles/Cuts

These are the basic categories of the men’s underwear styles you will stumble across when shopping on the men’s market.  We understand that there are many variations of the types listed below and to keep an open mind when purchasing your next pair of underwear.

ExOfficio Boxer BriefBoxer Underwear:  This style has been around for decades and can be found in just about any department store.  Boxers are usually very loose fitting and comfortable to wear around the house or for casual occasions.  The benefit of this style of underwear is that you can purchase boxers in just about any type of material which gives you many options.  You will see everything from cotton to silk and we recommend you put some thought into your underwear.

Some of the drawbacks to boxers are even though comfortable, this type of underwear offers no support to your manhood.  If you know you will be doing some working out or just playing around with the guys, we recommend getting some support.  A jockstrap will fit comfortably under your boxers and will be the most logical choice for support.  Another drawback is these are prone to bunch or ride up your leg if you are constantly moving around.  This is unattractive if you are wearing slacks and you have a wad of fabric around your upper thigh.  Boxers aren’t for everyone but for the correct occasion nothing beats a comfortable pear of underwear.

Brief Underwear:  This was a popular choice when I was a young man and most of the older generations can agree that they have worn this type of underwear at least once in their life.  Now these are the opposite of boxers offering less fabric and offering much more support.  With fabric missing from the thigh area you don’t have to worry about ride up or any chaffing that may occur.  If you plan on going to the gym to workout you won’t need to bring any extra support and this will save you time in the locker room.

Now some of the drawbacks of briefs are that they may be too tight so it is important that you check if the underwear is true to size before you make your purchase.  You always want to check quality as well because cheaper brands will lose their shape over time and become uncomfortable.  Also, the waistband may loose it’s elasticity rendering them useless.  If you are looking for a good brief then we recommend that you look at some of the Calvin Klein lines.

Boxer Brief Underwear:  This type of underwear is essentially the best of both worlds and gives you the support that you need while you still get fabric down the leg.  What we love about the boxer brief is that the material hugs your leg much better reducing annoying ride up.  Also there is a variety of fabrics that are still available with the boxer brief which is great for all the different seasons.  The only drawbacks that we can find is that you may not like the style of this type of underwear.


Youtube Review on Men’s Underwear Styles:

Thermal Underwear:  It is always winter somewhere in the world and that means your regular underwear may not cut it in cold environments.  This is where thermal underwear come into play.  Thermals or Long Johns are usually form fitting and made from a thicker knit cotton fabric.  This is perfect for retaining heat for when you are hiking in high elevations or outside making a snow man.  These come in many sizes and even full body thermals can be purchased.

There are only a few drawbacks to thermals.  Some thermals don’t wick away sweat and are not breathable.  If you are going inside and out constantly you might retain too much body heat which can be annoying.  If you are going on long treks or you work in cold environments we recommend you pick up some pairs.

Diesel Jock StrapJockstraps:  Jockstraps have advanced over the years and are known for giving men great support while being active.  Now, back in the day you would just put a jockstrap on before you went to go workout.  Today you can wear fashion jockstraps all day and get support that comes with it.  Jockstraps are very basic including a waistband, two bands that connect to the back waistband, and front pouch.  One of the drawbacks some will find is the simplicity of the underwear and may not feel comfortable while wearing these for long periods of time.

Thongs and Bikini Underwear:  These underwear are very freeing and can give you a sense of being naked.  There is very little to thong and bikini underwear which is a benefit to some, while others may not prefer this.  If you want to impress a partner on that special date then a thong or bikini might be your best bet.  I wear the David Archy Men’s Micromodal bikini in the summer time and love the form-fitting underwear.  You can pick these up in many colors and they feel incredible.

Which Underwear Style is For You?

If you are having second thoughts on trying something new we recommend giving just one pair a try.  If you don’t like the fit and you feel uncomfortable then put the underwear back in the drawer.  You might be surprised though what you may or may not like and we recommend that you be adventurous and open minded.


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