What To Look For In Men’s Support Underwear

By on August 2, 2014

Diesel Men's Jocky Micro Fiber Fresh and Bright Jock StrapJust like women, men need support as well when working out, going on treks, swimming, and other activities.  The best part about today’s market is that there are many designers that have created the perfect solution for you.  To get you started if you haven’t read our best men’s underwear guide we recommend that you review it after this article.  Let’s look at some of the support underwear on the market. Now when support is talked about most men get ideas in their head that they need to wear a jockstrap.  There are plenty of great jockstraps on the market and we will review them as well.  Lately, though, a lot of performance boxer briefs are offering all the support that you could need and are made of materials that will keep you cool.  Some of this newer performance underwear include the adidas Climalite performance boxer briefs, ExOfficio Give-N-Go boxer briefs, and the Under Armour boxerjock to name a few. Another great advancement on the market is that men’s underwear is including contour pouches that hold men’s genitals in place while reducing chafing.  This is a whole new level of support for men.  The David Archy separate pouch trunks contain two pouches, one for the testicles and another for the penis.  Not only does this keep everything in place, but it is perfect for everyday activities.  Let’s take a deeper look into men’s support underwear.

Getting the Support Every Man Needs

What To Look For In Men's Support Underwear Everyone is built differently and will need different levels of support and different activities will require more support.  Most jockstraps on the market are perfect for all day use if you like the style and fit.  Jockstraps consist of a waistband, pouch, and two connecting straps.  More and 2(x)ist Men's Cabana No Show Briefmore men find it convenient to wear these all day and we would not rule them out.  Our recommended top picks are the Papi men’s jockstrap and the Diesel men’s jock microfiber jock strap.  Each offers fantastic support and micro fiber is one of the best materials to have against the skin.  Another men’s underwear we like that we feel offers great support is the 2(x)IST line.  They are made from quality materials and hold it’s shaped after many washings offering a contour pouch with an added seam down the middle for that extra bit of support.  Their Cabana no show brief or the  men’s Chevron no show trunk is a great place to start if you want to combine style and support. If you aren’t a fan of the jockstrap style we recommend looking at the performance boxer briefs, briefs or trunks.  The Jockey Microfiber Performance boxer brief is another great option and offers a great support in the midsection.  Its design offers an H-fly which gives great support from the bottom of the pouch.  It is very important to look at the materials the underwear is made of before purchasing.  You will get better support if either spandex or elastane is part of the construction of the underwear.  Some materials we have had mixed results with are 100 percent cotton underwear.

Final Thoughts on Men’s Support Underwear

They have support for every man’s needs out there on the market today and we have only touched the surface of the most predominant options out there.  Some of the other options we haven’t spoke about are cock socks, ball lifters, thongs and others.  If you are recovering from a hernia Underworks makes many options to help you recover.  If you want to do further research we have included a link below.


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