The Best Men’s Underwear to Fit Your Lifestyle

By on July 29, 2014

The Best Men’s Underwear to Fit Your LifestyleYour looking for a pair of underwear and you are tired of being let down by your department stores junk.  Now we know not all of it is bad, but once you try some of the higher end underwear that you can still find at a reasonable price, you won’t go back.  We made to empower men with more options and reviews to back it up.  Let’s focus on some underwear shall we?

Now, what is the best men’s underwear for you?  Well, it is different for every man and that isn’t some cop out. The first starting place is comfort and every man can relate to that.  We always recommend stepping out of your comfort zone, but not to the point of constant discomfort.  If you don’t have the body type that you wish you had, then wearing a pair of underwear that you would not normally have on may make you uneasy all day.  Feeling uncomfortable about yourself is the last thing we want men to feel.

If you feel uncomfortable from a pair of underwear and it is on your mind the entire day, it could lead to emotional disorders.  It may seem silly, but we want you to feel good about yourself in your new underwear.  Now if you want to try out the latest bikini underwear and you have the confidence to rock them, by all means do it.  If you are not there yet we recommend changing habits physically and mentally.  This is the way to true confidence that will last.

Finding your best pair of men’s underwear will depend on cut or type of the underwear and the market today offers such a wide variety it can be almost overwhelming.  Some of the most popular types of underwear are boxers, boxer briefs, trunks, bikinis, thongs, jock straps and others.  Each has their limitations and benefits and it is for you to decide which suits your needs most.  We will review different styles of men underwear in further posts.

Focusing on Comfort for Everyday Use

Most Comfortable Men's UnderwearWe have been talking about comfort and being comfortable.  If you are looking for a pair of underwear that will be great for lounging around the house or being in the office all day we recommend a soft fabric boxer brief or trunk.  The Calvin Klein Men’s Micro Modal or the Adrian Bartol are some of the few on the market that offer light weight fabric and give maximum comfort.  Some of the materials used in these types of underwear are high-grade cotton, modal, tactel nylon, and other fabrics.  User reviews are a quick way to see if underwear is comfortable or not based off of the material.

When looking for everyday use underwear we recommend looking at other elements like design.  Some designers don’t make the best waistbands while others are comfortable and tag-less.  Some of the best on the market also use flatlock stitching to reduce chaffing.  This is huge around the pouch area where irritation is more prone.  Another annoyance that can occur is ride up.  This is a problem among many looser pairs of underwear and can be detected by others around you because they can see the extra fabric underneath your slacks.  When shopping for underwear look for either spandex or elastane that is wove with the fabric to give you a better form fitting underwear that will stay in place.

The front pouch that holds your manhood in place is another key feature of comfortable underwear.  There are many pouch underwear like the David Archy separate pouch trunks that give extra support while giving comfort.  This type of underwear will reduce sweat and chaffing against the thigh as well.  The fly of the underwear is different for each type of underwear and some are designed better than others.  Newer versions of underwear are including the H-Fly which gives support to the berries and is usually easier to access when using the restroom.  We recommend trying a few different types of underwear to find the pair that works best for you.


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Men’s Underwear for Performance

The Best Men’s Underwear to Fit Your LifestyleIt is summertime again and we live in Phoenix, Arizona.  It is important to us to have a pair of underwear that breathes and wicks away sweat.  There are many synthetic materials on the market that offer to not only reduce heat but to keep your midsection cool.  The adidas Climalite offers a moisture management system that really does keep you dry for your daily activities and workouts.  Who wants a pair of soggy underwear when they are done working out?

Another advancement in men’s underwear is the odor control technology.  The ExOfficio men’s underwear is a great example including the Aegis Microbe Shield which reduces odor causing bacteria from forming.  What’s great is that this will keep you fresh at the end of the day for that special occasion.  If you are going on long treks with your friends, these underwear are easy to clean and dry extremely fast.  Now some may think that with all the features these must be uncomfortable to wear, but they would be wrong.  For the summer months, we recommend picking up a pair.

Spicing Things Up With Your New Underwear

We agree that feeling good in your underwear is key, but if you spice things up a little bit it can pay off big.  If things have been stale in your relation ship a new pair of underwear could pay off.  Your other half will be the first to notice and hopefully approve of your new selection.  As men, we can get stuck in routine which can make things mundane.  Even if you don’t purchase the sexiest pair of underwear, is it time to change things around for the better?  We hope so.

Last Thoughts On the Best Men’s Underwear

We know we haven’t taken the top 5 underwear on the market and told you what to buy because we know it isn’t that easy.  There is underwear for every situation and in the winter time, it makes more sense to have a pair of thermal underwear on instead of performance.  Please include in the comments below on what you feel is the best pair of men’s underwear.


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