Diesel Men’s Divine Fresh & Bright Stretch Boxer Trunk

By on August 2, 2014

Diesel Men's Divine Fresh & Bright Stretch Boxer TrunkI have a lot of underwear that is either black or white and some variation of that.  I was looking for something brighter to wear.  Something that was soft and had a nice stretch to it, and of course had plenty of support.  As I was looking I stumbled across the Diesel men’s divine fresh and bright boxer trunk.  The name said it all and looking at their color collection I couldn’t deny that these are a fresh sight. Before we get started if you aren’t sure you like trunks we recommend you read our men’s underwear style guide to see some of the most common types of underwear on the market.

You might know Diesel for their trendy jeans and other men’s products.  Their underwear line is not different, being stylish and trendy.  Even though these underwear is designer made, it doesn’t mean that they are always going to be quality products.  As I opened up underwear I received from Amazon, the underwear was just as bright (ordered turquoise) as the picture was on the website.  That’s a good start but I needed to try them on and walk around in them to get a better idea.

First Impressions of the Diesel Men’s Divine Fresh & Bright

Diesel Men's Divine Fresh & Bright Stretch Collection

The Diesel trunks are very soft to the touch and have a decent amount of stretch to them.  Looking at the materials these are made of 95 percent cotton and 5% elastane.  There is a big Diesel logo on the front of the waistband and from holding the underwear in my hand these look pretty damn stylish.  As I put this underwear on they did fit as I expected and I didn’t have to buy a size up unlike some of the underwear I have tried on.  So far I am impressed from what Diesel is offering.

I am really enjoying the trunk cut/style underwear and this pair is very form-fitting.  I like the pouch on this pair of underwear because it offers a decent amount of support and has a seam down the middle.  The seam is comfortable and gives extra support for your manhood.  These are a pleasure to wear and feel great against my skin.  I will still wear my performance underwear for underwear for working out, but these are fantastic for everything else.  Let’s look at the other features:

  • 95% Cotton/5% Elastane
  • Imported
  • Machine Wash
  • Diesel logo waistband
  • Fresh and bright collection

The Diesel men’s trunks were just what I needed to freshen up my underwear collection and get me away from some of the dull colors.  It is almost like color therapy and every time I put these on I know I am going to have a comfortable day.

Is the Diesel Divine Fresh & Bright for You?

If you are looking for a stylish and bright pair of underwear, then you have found them.  The added bonus is these are very comfortable to wear and are quality made.  We can’t find a reason to pass these up if you are looking for some cotton trunks.  Click the link below for additional information.


Diesel Men's Divine Fresh & Bright Stretch Boxer Trunk
  • Diesel Men's Underwear - 8.9/10


The Diesel Men's Divine Fresh and Bright are just what they say. This is perfect for anyone with a dull underwear collection and wants to spice things up a little bit. Not only stylish to wear, these are comfortable as well. Is it time to upgrade your wardrobe?

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